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January 16, 2005
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Perfection Neo - The Superiors by AndrewDickman Perfection Neo - The Superiors by AndrewDickman
You can all thank for funding this image. More characters from the series to come.

Please don't ask me if it's RockMan related, because it isn't... thanks... The entire ordeal has been settled (hopefully) LONG long ago...
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DragonSnake9989 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I remembered these guys from the past! Your short flash movie, Rockman NEO, was freaking awesome!!
Selkra Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
:iconmonkeyclap:  This is so much much wow. These are really cool designs!
DarkSamus20 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Student General Artist
This is so awesome
CrowCombustion Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013
Neo? Does he know Kung-Fu? Is he "The One"?
NamefulDeityofnames Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
The "Neo" that you are mentioning is from the Matrix franchise. Also this "Neo" isn't the "Neo" that you are mentioning.
sekkechi Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
too bad absolutely none of these people belong to you directly... since as far as i understand from a close friend of mine who worked on this project when it was originally just on Newgrounds you were the lead animator correct?
wasn't shinobu originally called bushido? and cirus was cyrus?
you say the ordeal was settled, but it's not very nice to go behind the old teams back and do this.

i would like to ask you something andrew. Together with my friend and a new group me and him could gather together i would like to restart the original project, Rockman Neo, the way it originally had been. With updated designs and new information that we can now incorporate into it. these people are not solely yours, so please don't pull bullshit copyright on me when you were the one who backed out of the original team because you were terrified capcom was gonna sue you for 'stealing their ideas'. But since you have restarted this on your own i figured it was only fair to ask.
AndrewDickman Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Professional Filmographer
well first off, yes, these characters do belong to me directly, and no, none of these characters names have changed from their original concepts other than the fact they're no longer connected to Mega Man.
The problem was, this was originally a "Mega Man" fan concept I thought up years ago in my youth and made a music video out of it. When that got really popular, I decided to then write this whole story outline about it, creative juices running. While all this was going about, there was a group of folks who wanted to make it into a game, the prospect of it sounded great to me, obviously, but I kinda felt wrong about doing it since it wasn't technically an original idea. There's this whole drama about it that I'd like to leave behind, but yeah, apparently it's still going on by people who have the claim that they've 'helped' me in some way or another.

While I'm not continuing this project as a "fan" project, I do have hopes to independently produce this as a project in the future.

I took liberties to change the concept to fit more of a original IP, and did away with the Mega Man elements and went from there, with this of course being stemmed heavily from mega man inspiration, it will show anyway as many things oft do.
I'm not going to do this project as a Mega man series, sorry. And as good intentions I feel you have, past issues prevent me from wanting to allow any other further continuation of the project from outside sources unless I get full control of the project and I choose my team (wisely) This idea is a huge and very ambitious project that will have to be on hiatus until I can come up with a method to this madness. Who knows, Kickstarter is a big thing now.

I appreciate you coming to me like this so publicly but you can't honestly volunteer yourself into a project and simply say the license is yours as much as I can't say I own Mega man because I made a fan video based on an idea I had. Don't pull 'bullshit copyright' with me either as you put it so kindly, I'd appreciate you carefully phrase your business proposals, I mean, how old are you? If you're going to come up to someone and cuss at them about a proposition, how am I supposed to take you seriously?
sekkechi Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
i never said the license was mine by any means. i never knew who originally started the project, that information wasn't given to me nor who came up with the original story line or who designed the characters.
as for the "bullshit copyright" part, i do admit that was childish and mainly a result of me being frustrated. apologies for that one.
i understand the want to make it an independent project separate from megaman/rockman, but in all honesty taking so heavily from their designs can also get you into trouble. as they can still say you stole the style of their games and shut you down. with that in mind if you do continue this project i would recommend redesigning them without any megaman influence to avoid that, but still keeping their basic concepts and personalities.
my main idea was to just remake the trailer that exists for it with updated designs and visual effects, as a tribute to the original project. but then i thought if i was going to do that i might as well try and continue the project fully, but i can see that isn't going to happen and i can respect that.
i do still like the story idea and the character concepts, it would be a shame to see it die off without really going anywhere. while you'd be the leader of the project of course, it would be wise to delegate control a bit and allow others to have a say. otherwise you're likely to just piss them off and make them feel like their voice isn't important. trust me on that one I've seen that happen to groups multiple times over.
and to answer the question of how old i am, though i believe it was rhetorical i might as well answer it, i'm 21.
even if you don't continue the project as a megaman fangame, i would still like to remake the trailer as a tribute to the original project like i had planned to do in the first place. that's it, no more no less. giving credit to you and capcom of course since the characters are yours and the megaman games are capcoms.
axlyd Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
OmegaVileZX Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012
I saw these characters on a Newgrounds video and I thought they were awesome.

Looking at them now, I still think they're awesome.
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