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August 9, 2011
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Suede - Top 11 American Animes by AndrewDickman Suede - Top 11 American Animes by AndrewDickman
Suede is back!


Anyone get the references? I'm sure you do.
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is he playing on doing review the other pokemon movies ?
Jesus, these two people below me take Anime like it's a fucking religion.
Ikr.trolks, trolls everywhere
you did a huge mistake,you put the word animes in the title.anime is the jappanese animation and cartoon is the non jappanese animation(not specificly the american),don't put the cartoons and animes in the same level,the most of cartoons are plotless unreallistic bulshits for kids,animes are about the anime there is a huge varity,they are closer to reality than cartoons and they almost always have a real plot.(there are cartoons with fake'o'plots)
Avatar The Last Airbender. That's not an anime.
actually it is an american production anime,the same goes to the sym-bionic titan
1r0zz0 Feb 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
nice pic...
unfortunatly I cannot say it's nice what this "Suede" did... there was heavy doses of ignorance... Transformers comes from a japanese toy produced by takara and bandai...and the cartoon was made by Toei...yes the same of dragonball... Toei made a lot of stuff for marvel and hasbro (many G.I.joe animated movies and other stuff...) ...
w.i.t.c.h. is indeed disney but the original idea come from Elisabetta Gnone, Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa... as you can guess by the names they are ITALIANS...
Gargoiles and Batman beyond do not have really "connections" with the anime...Gargoiles have the typical american action design (une char good looking so the watcher could releate to-the "hero"- and other that looks different stereotypes-the fat, the slim, the older and the pet...ecc.) also it's from dysney that for all the 90ies was strongly aganist japanese animation (even if they shamelessly ripped of Kimba the white lion of Osamu Tezuka...also the name:ジャングル大帝 Jungle Taitei means jungle the "king lion" seems fishy...)
for the rest it's rather common that many follow a "trend style"...
the worst thing though it's that he talked as "anime" and referred basically at Dragon Ball Z... it's a guud funny and action series, but akira? everything from miazaki? lupen the third? MAZINGER Z? DEVIL MAN? everything from the Tatsunoko Pro.? Berserk?
compared to many manga western comic books become ridicolous...but one can also do the reversed action and take others manga for "denigrate" the media...

so in the end there is NO "american anime"... and "anime" weren't showed what really are... but it do not surprise me since it was all a adwertising on how "america can do that better"...

I know this will not be answered...
Awesome stuff. Suede is awesome!
I've missed him after so long!!! A great way to come back :D. Why does he have a sword though is my only question...
UncleScooter Aug 18, 2011  Professional Artist
:music: O'er the land of the kawaii and the home of the otaku...:music: :salute:
"Huh. Did everything just taste purple for a second?"- Fry ("Futurama"- Season 4, Ep.8: "The Why of Fry")
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