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January 20, 2006
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Superior Darkchild by AndrewDickman Superior Darkchild by AndrewDickman
The first female Superior.

Dark Child has a bit of a gift to control light, in means, she can suck the energy out of most electronic equipment, causing them to be useless. She uses this power to gain control of the darkness, and has an odd power to control shadows.

By the way, these 13 Superiors are in no relations to the first 8 Superior brothers. These Superiors were created by a governmental experimentation in attempt to control the worlds protection unit. Sad to say, these characters went berserk after "some one" broke into the project and changed their programming. Hmm... Now who could that've been?

Anyhoo, more Perfection Neo goodness...
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I'll assume that the "someone" was Ghrim, since I'm too stupid to think of anyone else. However, I could swear that he got killed off in the first story (which is fine with me, he's a bigger ass than all of the Superiors combined)... or so it SEEMS he was killed... it's never *directly* mentioned... and if he was killed, it seems less likely that there would be a sequal. No sequal means no more stories, no more characters, no more crazy nerdy fans with no clear desire to date other people. But since we have all that...
So that's my lengthy assumption on who "someone" is. But I could be completely wrong.
Anyways, nice work. She's hoootttt... but then again, so are many of the Superiors. ;)
Aaand here we have the ultimate example of a Goth Chick. Awesome job, love the idea for her power.
I love all these mechs you've drawn. This is one of my favs. Just great stuff.
joshyartist Jan 24, 2006  Student Digital Artist
Ah very good design, Loving the names of the characters too. Keep up the good work on the Neo series
The gigantic feet with high heels make me giggle.
Nice design, as always!
Xirmatul Jan 23, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Wow, really cool. Love her hair and mean look.
Wow! To be honest. I like it. Different abit. Always nice work you do man. ^_^ Can't wait to see more.
DanSchoening Jan 22, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
This design is hot! Love the palette you chose too, adds to the personality! :) Cheers
I hope there will be other female Superiors^^ on 13 robots you can do at least 2 lol... nice design and abilities ^^
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