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Hey there, if you'd like to take a moment, please help me out by purchasing the last four One Piece figures I have.
You can find them on my ebay page:…

Silvers Reileigh
Dr. Hiroluk and Chopper
and Aiokiji Film Z version

I'm also selling the First 4 Statue of Mega Man X, it's the collector edition version, which means he lights up (batteries not included) it has NEVER BEEN OPENED, it's brand new
The total price for him is $270 (includes shipping in that price, depending on where you are in the US)
It'd be best if you were in California for me to ship this to you at best, I'm going to assume it's going to be pretty pricey considering how heavy the box is, please contact me about it though.… for an image

All things considered, I shouldn’t be thankful of anything this year. However after my experiences I think I should be incredibly thankful for it because it’s helped me understand and consider the things that are wonderful in my life more than ever.

Instead of focusing on the bad things that happened, I’m thankful that I have the people in my life who are there to help pick me up whenever I’ve been at my worst, those who I can trust and confide in and really tell me what I should concentrate on when I’m confused and lost. Without my family and friends I would not be here today, and every single day I’m thankful for it because if not for them I probably would’ve done something I could never come back from.

I have a great job with great coworkers, I have an amazing talent that I can easily say only a few in my position have, that I can continue working on my ideas and concepts. I have a very supportive audience that enjoys my art and despite my worries, I am in a good spot, under a roof with two loving animals.

I have never felt more lonely, afraid and depressed than this year, I will admit, as I do have my moments of anxiety and issues. The memory that my father passed away ten years ago, today, still hurts. A LOT of things that happened to me still hurt. But thanks to those who have helped me ongoing with what I’ve had to deal with and not letting my pride get the best of me and seeking emotional help through therapy, it all hurts a little less.
I will continue doing what I love despite it all. As long as I am the good that I want to see in others, I can’t, I WON’T stop while there are people closest to me that care about me, and I’m so thankful for all of it. I don’t want to let them down.

Wishing you a safe and happy Thanksgiving this year, make the most of it. You all matter so much. Be there for others as much as you need to be there for yourself.
Just wanted to give you spots where you can find my stuff:


Thank you
Please help Nekonny get his book made…

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Just warning folks, do not engage in business with people who contact you through direct messages about using your artwork for anything such as social media "apps" or other traditional media, like prints, card games, stickers or the like. While they seem harmless and dance around serious propositions in a friendly manner, there ARE folks out there who are most likely attempting to con others into using artists' artwork for their own gain or profit. This is not about commission work, this is a bit more about business related propositions.

Do not engage in any business propositions unless you and they are willing to go through legal documentations or contracts, it's important that you get compensation for your work and do it through more valid means such as email or a recorded phone call and not through DA or FA etc. even if it's "free" and they'll "give credit"
I'm usually okay with allowing art or fanart I created to be re-posted on other websites granted my permission and proper credit (you have to advertise yourself somehow,) but being asked to use artwork on things such as mentioned above (media, card games, etc etc) it's a definite red flag.

I've been through several instances in my life where people have attempted to take characters or properties from me through petty, manipulative and conniving ways, many of which through accusations and emotional manipulations. People take opportunity of these instances and it's up to you to be stern and not allow yourself be taken advantage of. There are some things you can let go, it's clearly up to you, but there are other instances where, for example, I have lost properties and characters and have not gotten any compensation for it and there's nothing legally I can do because of contract loopholes or "word of mouth agreements" and direct messaging notes just to name a few. These are harsh life lessons that, while they suck and we always wish we hadn't made these mistakes, they happen so that we can apply them as an example on what to be weary of.

I'm not saying this to scare anyone, I'm simply asking that you take care of your intellectual properties, your artwork, and your hard earned efforts towards that artwork. There are only so many things that websites like DA/FA can protect you over, and something as simple as saying "yes, you can use it" in a note can be legally damning toward you.

Be well,
I will be moving to my old picarto network: for future broadcasts.
If you'd like to become a part of any streams where I record speed draws for my youtube channel Give my Picarto channel a follow

Thanks in advance
My webcomic, Roomies is still going strong.
Please follow! Now it has a working RSS feed button.
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The DreamGear Saga

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 10, 2014, 9:30 AM
Celebrating the conclusion of the DreamGear Plug and Play, why not marathon all five parts? It's a Christmas Miracle!

The Mega Man Gender Swap Collab!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 10, 2014, 10:01 AM
I'm currently holding a collaboration with several artists on a "challenge" to switch every character in the Mega Man universe to the opposite gender! I thought this would be a fun little challenge for everyone and so far, a LOT of artists have shown interest and the current entrants are amazing!…

Currently All spots have been taken! And it includes Archie characters as well as characters from Rockman Strategy (the obscure PC title) as well as the PC/DOS characters. I'm even planning to make a Mega Man X Gender Swap collab afterwards, who knows, maybe even EXE/Zero/Legends in the future!

I'm trying to get as many artists as possible on this so please tell your Mega Man artist friends or anyone who'd be interested to join the collab! This is going to be a huge project and I'm very excited about all the folks involved!

The due date has been set! May 1st 2014 is when all entries should be in!

Today at 12:30pm, November 29th, of 2005... My father, Rainer Johannes Dickman gave his final breath and entered heaven... He was 74 years old...

I love you Papa. I'll always miss you...

Your son,

I had reposted this journal entry because there had been alot of anger prior to my fathers death.  I didn't want to disrespect my father in this action, because I knew he was a kind man that rarely wanted anyone angry at him, and I don't want the same for me.  i apologize to my father for these actions, and I want to keep honor to my fathers name.

I really thank everyone who have given me support through this difficult time.  It's very hard to lose someone so close, as I've always understood this.  When I saw all the people who used to work with my father at the Disneyland Hotel, and they all came to show their respects to him, I can't help but feel how wonderful life can be.

My father was deteriorating of a horrible illness, alzheimers, and his mind had been gone far before he died.  I just thank God that he is now in safe hands, and his suffering is at an end.  Within this month, my grandmother had also died, I did not know her well enough, but she was still a part of my family.  And last year around the same time, my sisters husband, my brother in law and father of my neice and nephew also passed away.  On a light note, I'd like to think now they are up in heaven doing what they love to do, and doing that together.  My brother in law is Fishing, my Grandmother is Cooking, and my father... he's catering and serving it ^_^

I've have been very sad for the past experiences, I've cried over my fathers body the day he died, but full well knowing he could hear my cries and comforted me in my heart as I was... He will always be in my heart and mind, and I will never forget his endless support for my talents.  Since I've moved to Burbank, I've realized the harshness of the animation industry, but my father had also gone through the same harsh times in his days when he started his career, moving to the United States from Germany. I will not let my father down in this respect, because I know he wouldn't want me to give up...

I've done many terrible things in my past, but I can only ask for forgiveness on these issues.  But I also feel very strongly for the respect of my family through this difficult time.  I'm here to help others, as well as myself... and I know that my loved ones are here for me, and I for them...

Once again... thank you to all who have given me their condolences... I don't want to have another argument, I'm not here to slander, and I'm not here to cause anyone any pain... I just have to proceed with my life and do what I can to accomplish my dreams.  because you can't continue on in reality, without first acknowledging your goals and dreams, then through hard work and faith, you can make those your reality.